Tuesday, July 27, 2010

We are adding a Chip In opportunity, if you would like to help us with our adoption expenses! Adoption costs are very expensive and all donations will be used strictly for this adoption and we appreciate every single penny that anyone would choose to give! We know that nothing is impossible with God's help, and know that ultimately, He is the one who will provide the funds to bring home our sweet girl! We are trusting in the One who has called us to be faithful.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Homestudy/Homestudy Approval!

It's been such a whirlwind month that I haven't had a chance to post since our Wyoming vacation! We found out while we were on the road, that the homestudy could be done the Monday after we returned on Saturday!!! We were very excited to get this next step going, but had very little time to prepare the house! Thankfully, our caseworker was very easy on us and didn't look in any closets or under any beds.... she might have been buried if she had opened any closets! She visited with us for quite awhile about Gracie and adjusting our world to her's. She wants us to get involved with other families of down's syndrome children and so we will look for some opportunities to get involved in the next coming months. She was very efficient in her report, and had everything finished by that Friday! We received our official letter in the mail this past Friday, and we are officially Homestudy Approved! One step down, many more to go! Now, our I-800 has been issued to Immigration, and we await an appointment to go and have our fingerprints taken. We were told that it takes 2-4 months for fingerprint approval, so the sooner we can get that appointment, the better! We are now also able to apply for grants, and we recently found out about a new grant being offerred to SBC minister's who are adopting, so we are applying for that as well as Shoahanna's Hope (the Steven Curtis Chapman fund). Please pray with us that we get approved for these grants!

We are getting closer to this precious face, and we can't wait for the day that she is HOME!