Thursday, September 29, 2011

Let not forget Ella Grace's turn.....

I totally have fallen off the Blog band wagon.... I failed to mention that Ella Grace started back to school last week!  She was so excited to finally have her turn, and she gets Limo service to and from school, so it's even MORE exciting for her!  It's party time when that giant yellow bus shows up to our house each morning!  It was hard to put her on there the first day, but she absolutely LOVES being on the bus, and it's all little tiny pre-schoolers who are on her bus, so I know she's fine!  She even has her own car seat to sit in, and seeing all the faces of her little friends each morning brings such joy.... so many little sweethearts on that bus!

Doesn't this face say it all?

I'm not gonna lie.... I showed up at the school to see her get off the bus, and I was relieved to see there were lots of crazy excited parents just like myself, who wanted to see that our kids arrived safely at school!  I even got to stay the whole morning, as they wanted an extra set of hands to help with the first day!   I loved being there and getting to see how the routine works.  She has 7 kids in her class, with 2 teachers, and even with my help, it was exhausting being there for 3 hours!  It's a very action packed, busy 3 hours spent!

WALKING with her classmates this year!  It's such a proud feeling to see her walking, and not having to be carried, like last year... have I mentioned lately how VERY proud of this girl we are? 

She loved music time!

And to end her day, as they were walking in their line to head back to the bus, she fell, which caused the little girl behind her in line to fall right on top of  her, and Ella Grace's face hit the floor.  I'm so glad I was there, she cut her lip pretty badly, and she cried HARD... poor thing.  I got her all cleaned up (blood was running down her chin) and we came on home.  Despite the rough ending to her day, she had lots of fun and has been excited to go back every day!

Friday, September 2, 2011


Well, we DID it!!!  We actually let her go this morning..... ha!

She was SOOO excited and ready to go! 

New back pack that she got from Granny and Grandpa for her birthday!

 We are so very proud of her, she steps into new situations with confidence and excitement!

Her very sweet teacher!

And the best part, her Auntie M works at her school, and I think she checked on her about 12 times in 3 hours this morning!  ha!  I'm so thankful to know that she's there with her!

And off she went......and YES, I cried... kind of alot, but it's okay!  She never knew it and I'm much better now, at least until Tuesday when she has to go back!

I love that these two posts Jr. High and Kindergarten are back to back, and I LOVE that we get to start school all over again!  Many think we are crazy for having such a large split in age, but I love it and wouldn't have it any other way.... besides that, we have two boys who are 1 year apart in school.... college is going to be killer! 

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Jr. High

Just sent these couple of crazies off to Jr. High TOGETHER!!!

One with excitement over the NEW, and one who's "been there, done that" on the whole Jr. High thing, and is not terribly excited to be returning!  :o)

Jacob, 6th Grade

Caleb, 7th Grade

Great, great kids, and we are so very proud of them!  Praying that the excitement sticks for Jacob... he's NEVER been excited for school before, but he hugged me so tight before bed last night and said "Mom, I'm SOOO excited!  I know it's going to wear off in a couple of days, but I'm excited!"  Caleb screamed/yelled in mock agony, but I think he kind of meant it... lol! 

There are so many mixed emotions for this Momma today.... sad to see my baby boys growing up SO fast, but so excited for what is to come!

Off they go.....

(tomorrow, a certain girl in this house is headed to Kindergarten, so come back for some more cuteness!)